Thursday, 24 December 2015

Magical Tapestries for Christmas

It seems only appropriate to start this week's blog with a scene of the nativity.  It was taken on my recent trip to Rome, to the Vatican.  This was just one of a large number of tapestries in the appropriately named Tapestry Gallery on the way to the Sistine Chapel.

At one time tapestry was the most expensive form of art you could buy - much more prestigious than painting.  Obviously the church wanted to show their power and status so they had several.

Sadly the ones I really wanted to show did not come out at all well in my photographs, but they were pointed out because of what appeared to be quite magical effects.

One of them showed an image of Jesus coming out of what appeared to be a doorway; what appeared to be an image of him on Easter Sunday.  What was amazing about this tapestry was that if you looked at it as you went past the eyes are followed you.  This is something often seen in paintings but technically very difficult with tapestry.

Next to this tapestry is another one of Jesus sitting at a table with two disciples.  The table appears to almost come into the room.  Once again if you watch the table as you go past the position of the table appears to alter in front of your eyes.  

I would love to know if any other tapestries exist with such magical properties?

In the meantime - wishing all a very Merry Christmas.  

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